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60 Free Essays on If I Were A Clown

  1. Clown

    Clown a performer, usually in a circus, who plays the fool, performs practical jokes, and does tricks to make people laugh. Other names for clowns are buffoon, jester, fool, conjurer, mirthmaker, tumbler, gleeman, mime, actor, harlequin, merry counselor, comic,

  2. The Clown

    All people know a circus clown when they see one. Jim the clown was not your typical circus clown, with gigantic fire engine red shoes on his tiny feet. He was very different in various ways. His ears where so colossal, that they hung off the side of his head, like ears on an ancient elephant b

  3. The Clown Murderer

    The Clown Murderer It was a dark and spooky night and the full moon lit the sky. As you have probably guessed it was Halloween and the small town of Luickers was buzzing with funny looking characters. My best friend Miranda and I were both dressed as witches, and carrying small caldrons to fill

  4. How to Do a Clown Face Paint

    Clown faces have amused all of us in childhood. Their unrealistic loud make up and funny and bright clothes are the vital tools to give a person the perfect look of a clown. Clowns are basically jesters, whose main aim is to entertain the audience, with their playful and hilarious actions and activi

  5. Killer Clown

    ‘Mommy, Who is the Man? Ask by a little cute girl, honey it is Pogo the clown”reply gender by the mon. Did anyone knew pogo The Clown? He also knew as killer Clown a serial killer in American. How does he get the nick name? When he is free, he will entertaining children in a clown suit. What

  6. Clown

    What is a Clown? Now, Let us begin with a few facts about clowns. What is a clown? A Clown is an artist or performer who pretends to be a fool or foolish and acts out or acts up, in order to amuse his audience. In short, he's a comedian, someone who tries to make you laugh by being funny. How is h

  7. the clown punk

    ‘The Clown Punk’ by Simon Armitage Learning Objectives: AO1: Respond to the using details from the poem to support your opinion AO2: Analyse the writers’ methods (language, structure and form) and the purposes of these methods Pre-reading Activity Look at the pictures below and...



  9. clown statue

    The Dreadful Night This is the story about the dreadful night. The night that will not be forgotten but scarred on the victims faces . This story will always be told as a horror...scary story So-and-so friend, a girl in her teens, was babysitting for a family in Newport Beach. The...

  10. The Clown

    It was the same hideous dream which always happened right on the stroke of midnight. One minute I’d be fast asleep like any other people, the next my ears would be filled with circus music. Cymbals crashing, the crowd cheering, as a sad-faced clown danced around my bedroom. Everytime I saw him, he

  11. Write an essay including the words clown, fly, book and lamp (Horror)

    Clown, Fly, Lamp, Book I’ve always been afraid of clowns. I remember that one time when I had a birthday party and my mum hired a local clown impersonator. I was so afraid when I saw him that I started screaming until he went away. Nevertheless, that is not my story. I have been living...

  12. Huckleberry Finn and Tom Sawyer

    Mark Twain's The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn is written from the view point of the boy Huckleberry Finn., who tells about the adventures he is having on the Mississippi River with a runaway slave, whose name is Jim. It becomes apparent early in the book that there are a couple of people who p

  13. Born to Be a Killer

    Latasha S. Benjamin 6/5/2008 Who is a serial killer? Why do people become serial killers? Are they born or are they made? Why do they kill? Where do they come from and how can they be identified so they can be stopped and controlled? Are you a serial Killer. Can you answer this question

  14. Short Story - Angel and Clown

    ClownAngel and Clown Angel and Clown live in a whimsical world, home to many, and wonderfully bustling with life. Full of activity, this group of coral was not just any place; it was Reef City, the biggest city in the Barrier Reef. Angel and Clown had been friends since Angel migrated to Reef

  15. Clown Statue

    Clown Statue A young teenage girl was asked to spend a night in a huge house to babysit the kids that lived there. The father told her to put the kids to bed at a certain time and to stay in one particular room to watch TV, so she didn’t wander the house. As she watched the TV she noticed a clow

  16. Ways on How Literature Affects the Community

    Literature reflects community in numerous ways. Authors write about what they know. Thus, they write about their experiences or the experiences of those around them. Readers, in turn, measure the experiences of characters and literary works as a whole against their own experiences (DiYanni, 2007)

  17. Fast Food Restaurant, Are They Changing?

    Fast Food Restaurants, Are They Changing? McDonalds is one of the largest and best-known fast food restaurants in the free world. Over the last thirty years, Mc Donald’s has had the satisfaction of being known as a leader in the fast food industry. Although there are numerous fast food restau

  18. The New Land

    In the sweltering heat of the summer sun, I trudged home unenthusiastically. As the bell rang on the last day of school, the others were excited to start their summer vacations that would be filled with excitement. For me, it was just going to be another summer, waiting nearly three months to see my

  19. Cloudstreet Creative Essay

    ‘Haaaah! The Waaaater!’ ‘Calm down Fish’ ‘I looooove the waaater!’ ‘Yes, I know Fish, put this on.’ He looks like a bloody buoy himself with that belt of a thing on. They think it’s best for him though, making him unsinkable, tie him to his seat. I guess they don’t know any b

  20. Even A Clown Can Do It: Cirque du Soleil Recreates Live Entertainment

    Case Analysis Even A Clown Can Do It: Cirque du Soleil Recreates Live Entertainment Cirque du Soleil is a Canadian entertainment company which was created in 1984 by a group of young street performers. Daniel Gauthier and Guy LaLiberte are the founding Co-Presidents of Cirque du Soleil...

  21. Dark Knight Review

    Last night I went to the midnight showing of “The Dark Knight” and to be honest with you, I expected a little more. Let’s be honest folks with the unfortunate death of Heath Ledger there how’s been a lot hype about ‘The Dark knight.” This movie is a good movie, but to say it’s the bes

  22. Clown

    A Clown that Knows It All What do people think about when they think about a clown? Do they think silly, circus, make-up, joker, comedian, or maybe FOOL? Well maybe they should read the play by Shakespeare “Twelfth Night” and their whole outlook on clowns will completely change. Feste is known

  23. John Wayne Gacy "Clown Killer"

    John Wayne Gacy Clown Killer John Wayne Gacy was born in Chicago in 1942. He was the middle child of two sisters and often struggled with his own masculinity. Gacy appeared to have a normal childhood except for his relationship with his father. He wanted so desperately to gain his fathers attent

  24. Clown with Long Nose by Walt Kuhn

    "When art is made new, we are made new with it. We have a sense of solidarity with our own time, and of psychic energies shared and redoubled, which is just about the most satisfying thing that life has to offer. “If that is possible,” we say to ourselves, “then everything is possible”; a ne

  25. My Philosphy of Education

    MY PHILOSPHY OF EDUCATION BY: EARLY FIELD EXPERIENCE FOR: November 06, 2007. My Philosophy of Education I believe the goal of education is to enable students to grow into productive and compassionate members of society. I want my students to become people who can contribute their skills

  26. The Horror Clown

    Outline I Introduction a The history of clowns b Examples of modern horror clowns c Thesis statement II Comparing early clowns to horror clowns a Skills and character traits of early clowns that can be seen in today’s horror clowns b Negative incidents of clowns in history i The...

  27. It the Clown

    Three reasons why the clown called it is my favorite movie. The first reason why the clown called it is my favorite movie is because it is a horror movie. Second reason why is because it has a clown in it (even though I hate clowns). And finally is because it is gruesome. Three reasons why thi

  28. The Others

    "The Others is a film that sets out to deceive the audience at every turn". This is a statement by one critic. I think they are a bit vague as most horror films try to deceive you at any point possible. The critic's correct in some ways. The audience don't know the full story-line. The criti

  29. Revelations

    REVELATIONS <i> "Dark future ahead of me, that's what they said, I'd be starvin' if I ate all the lies they fed, `cuz I've been redeemed from your anguish and pain, a miracle child I'm floatin' on a cloud. `Cuz the words that come from your mouth you're the first to hear. Speak words o

  30. Clown Phobia

    Coulrophobia “Clown Phobia” Informal Learning Experience Shalunda Lester University Of Phoenix Coulrophobia “Clown Phobia” Informal Learning Experience Coulrophobia also know as clown phobia is very common in children. The University of Sheffield conducted a study in 2008 and conc