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American History covers all topics related to the birth of the United States of America. From the revolutionary war, all the way to September 11th if your looking for an type of event that impacts the United States you’ll find it here.

  1. What motivated Malcom X to educate himself?

    What motivated X to educate himself? How does his voice and tone influence your perception of him and his essay? The first book he picked up he could not comprehend the majority of the words. He came to the conclusion that getting a dictionary to study and copy by hand would be his first

  2. The Chrysanthemums

    The Chrysanthemums is a story that takes place in the Salinas Valley of California. The story's main character is Elisa Allen. Elisa is thirty-five years old. She is a character that goes through development and many changes in the story. Through out the story Elisa Allen goes through both


    ACC 230 WEEK 5 CHECKPOINT PREPARING A STATEMENT To Download this course, visit this link Or email us at ACC 230 WEEK 5 CHECKPOINT PREPARING A STATEMENT CheckPoint: Preparing a

  4. bruce springsteen

    March 5, 2015 Born to Run, Written by Bruce Springsteen Born to Run is a rock and roll song, from the name of the same album. The album was released on August 25, 1975, by Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band. It was released on the Columbia Record Label. This was Springsteen’s

  5. nnnd

    Calcium caceniate – The product has gained widespread use in several nutrition foods, bakery goods and vitamin & mineral medicines. Widely prescribed as a dietary supplement, several sportsmen consume it prior going to sleep or with meals. This product is highly demanded in the food &

  6. Jajaj

    “A White Heron” and “A New England Nun” Both Sarah Orne Jewett’s “A White Heron” and Mary Wilkins Freeman’s “A New England Nun” demonstrate aspects of romance in both protagonists. For example, according to "Romantic Flight in Jewett's 'White Heron'”, by Joseph Church, at their first

  7. Revolutionary War

    Justin Wentworth November 10, 2015 History 17A Tuesday 6-9pm Exam 2 Many factors contributed to the American Revolution besides the American people themselves. Some influential ideas that contributed to the Revolution were Enlightenment ideas and the Enlightenment thinkers behind these

  8. RE: Gender Inequality

    PRAISE FOR The 4-Hour Workweek “It’s about time this book was written. It is a long-overdue manifesto for the mobile lifestyle, and Tim Ferriss is the ideal ambassador. This will be huge.” —JACK CANFIELD, cocreator of Chicken Soup for the Soul®, 100+ million copies sold “Stunning and

  9. izzy

    Leonardo Da Vinci Born on April 15, 1452, in Vinci, Italy, Leonardo da Vinci was the epitome of a “Renaissance man.” Possessor of a curious mind and keen intellect, da Vinci studied the laws of science and nature, which greatly informed his work as a painter, sculptor, architect, inventor,

  10. Life After WWI

    Life in the U.S. After World War I World War I which was known as a war that ended all the other wars and as the Great War finally came to an end in 1918 changing life in many countries especially in the United States of America either in a negative or positive way. World War I was a war

  11. philip livingston

    Philip Livingston was born on January 15, 1716, in Albany, New York. He was a member of the wealthy and politically important Livingston family. Though he was born in the American colonies, Philip Livingston could trace his lineage back to Rev. John Livingston, who was Scottish. On one side of

  12. Article Review

    Civilizing the Machine By John F. Kasson The purpose of this article is to discuss how technologies were dealt with such as the debates of the factories of Lowell, Massachusetts or Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson. The author’s thesis is that the manufacturing centers caused

  13. sffsfsf

    In recent weeks there has been a political debate that German should be spoken at school. When German parents catch their kids from school they are often very amazed when they hear Turkish kids talking Turkish and in the other corner Italian kids talking Italy. But such a possibility to be able

  14. Furniture

    The 20th Century provided us with a great range of modern new furniture created by innovative and forward thinking designers and architects. With the introduction of new materials, chrome, PVC, plastic, and exploring the use of existing furniture materials, laminating timber and steam

  15. Affordable Healthcare Act

    THE AFFORDABLE HEALTHCARE ACT The president’s role as chief legislator is an important one that has shaped the US law on many occasions. When the Affordable Healthcare Act was in the process of getting passed president Obama showed his role as Chief Legislator boldly. As the Chief

  16. cccc

    Speaker 1: But like you can just go - I used to be a wooden pole fan and what I would do to get into tighter quarters, because you find yourself rolling in the hallway and you're like bang, bang, bang, bang. I cut them short. I cut them down to two foot and I was fine with that. I loved it

  17. Random essays

    31) After the attack on Pearl Harbor, the feelings of animosity in America against Japan increased. By late 1945, the Allied leaders met in Germany with news of a secret new weapon, called the atomic bomb, created by American scientists, that was powerful enough to destroy an entire city.

  18. it is a very good one

    A BILL TO ADD PROVISIONS TO THE USA FREEDOM ACT OF 2015, AN EXTENSION OF THE USA PATRIOT ACT OF 2001, AND RESTORE GLOBAL TRUST IN UNITED STATES HEGEMONY Sponsored by: Senator Vivek Gopalan of Interlake High School Representative Siddharth Kulkarni of Interlake High School The 2001 USA

  19. Jefferson Davis

    “President of Confederate States of America”, Jefferson Davis First time in U.S. history, there were two presidents at the same time. By the election of November 6, 1861, Jefferson Davis was elected unopposed as the president of the Confederate States in the South -the one and only

  20. army accountabilay

    Accountability….What does it mean? Well this past month e lost two soldiers who are a part of our unit and voice of our unit pass away. Accountability is important and should not be taken lightly… A soldier lost his life a couple weeks ago, due to lack of accountability, and it hurt a lot of

  21. Chaoter 23 History Notes

    Chapter 23 UN and World Bank created to promote the goals FDR proposed ROOTS OF CONTAIMENT FDR: I think US will remain friends with Soviet Union after WW2 WRONG First confrontation of Cold War: Middle East. End of WW2 Soviet Union: Let me occupy parts of northern Iran! We can pressure

  22. dfsdn

    R. v. Williams, [1998] 1 S.C.R. 1128 Victor Daniel Williams ( Appellant) v. Her Majesty The Queen (Respondent) Supreme Court of Canada, hearing an appeal from the Court of Appeal for British Columbia. Criminal law - Trial -Procedure -Challenge for cause - Racial bias. Appeal by accused

  23. sds playing games

    Lack of motivation and distractions are impediments that companies face in training employees. To combat this, companies have begun experimenting with games as a learning strategy. Some use “serious games”, which, instead of entertainment, focus on developing a certain skill or teaching a

  24. The weird history

    CHAPTER 2 - PROJECT MECHANICS AND MANAGEMENT 2.1 Architecture and Tools There are lots of procedures and tools that we used in order to develop, test and debug our system. In Making and designing our system we used Microsoft Visual basic 6.0, because this version is convenient for us to use

  25. Homework

    Naqib Ahmed 9CB Food Technology H/W A Balanced Diet A healthy diet may help to prevent certain long-term (chronic) diseases such as heart disease, stroke and diabetes. It may also help to reduce your risk of developing some cancers and

  26. why am i doing this

    We, in the military or associated with the military (i.e. cadet programs), call it “military bearing,” but the truth is, everyone needs a measure of what is more commonly called, “discipline.” The word, “military,” is put at the front because we stand at Attention or other positions without