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Psychology is the study of the mind, how it functions and behaviors correlated with it. Here you will find various topics and essays rela ted to the the study of psychology and more!

  1. your psychology

    The multicultural model suggests that individuals can maintain a distinct and positive identity within the context of working and living in a multicultural sociThe multicultural model suggests that individuals can maintain a distinct and positive identity within the context of working and

  2. Neurotransmitters and their effect on mood

     Major Neurotransmitters: Mood & Behavior Elena C. Kaspar Santa Monica College Abstract There are several different neurotransmitters functioning in our body, including the major ones; Serotonin (5-HT), Norepinephrine (NE), Dopamine (DA), GABA,

  3. memory

    The purpose of this essay is to look at various studies of memory, friendship and personality and to assess the relevance within the context of these subjects, whether other people, such as family and authority figures, influence human behaviour and performance. There may be other multiple

  4. Review of “Use of Prayer and Scripture in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy”

     Review of “Use of Prayer and Scripture in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy” Liberty University November 23, 2014 Summary The article Use of Prayer and Scripture in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy by Siang-Yang Tan, published summer 2007 in the Journal of Psychology and

  5. The developmental stage: early childhood

    The Developmental Stage: Early Childhood Cathee Schlosser Marc J Mestyanek, MA, MFT PSYU 320 Brandman University 31 May 2013 Abstract Early childhood is a time of dramatic and major changes for children, roughly aged between 2-6 years old, they move from an infant/toddler to a

  6. Discuss evolutionary explanations of human aggression

    Aggression in men has an adaptive value. Men are more likely to experience sexual jealousy because of their fear of cuckoldry. Because men are more prone to parental uncertainty, they risk unwittingly investing resources in children who aren't their own. Sexual jealousy and the aggression which

  7. Family Systems Liberty University

    Family Systems Developing a strong and healthy family system consist of being attentive to the needs of each individual family member and to the needs of the family as a unit. The way most families are structured in our nation this has become very rare. “Families are the original

  8. Maslow biography

    "The story of the human race is the story of men and women selling themselves short." – Abraham Maslow Best Known For: Hierarchy of Needs Founder of Humanistic Psychology Birth and Death: Abraham Maslow was born April 1, 1908 in Brooklyn, New York. He died in California on June 8, 1970

  9. The brain

    A complex structure made up of networks of nerve tissues plays a critical role in processing information received by the nervous system and directing actions within the body The brain is located in the skull, is soft and has the appearance of an oversized walnut. The brain has many

  10. Internet porn and its effects

     Internet Pornography and It’s Effects Jeffrey Vaughan Liberty University Abstract Because people are getting numb to the world around them. You can find pornographic magazines, DVDs, and Web sites everywhere. When we think of this problem, we are

  11. How Important Is Developing a Close Parent-Child Relationship in the Early Years?

    How important is developing a close parent-child relationship in the early years? Attachment is a strong survival instinct that can be observed in all humans and many species’. The primal importance of a child’s attachment to its mother has long been appreciated, studied and debated. This

  12. Sat Critque

    Running head: SAT CRITIQUE 1 Terri Agostino SAT Critique Wilmington University SAT CRITIQUE 2 Abstract The Scholastic Aptitude Test, or SAT, is a standardized measure of differences in

  13. MOtivation

    Theories of Human Motivation Theory 1: Money as a Motivator This theory states that all workers are motivated primarily by the need for money; so if you want to get the most out of your workforce, you pay them more. This has particular effectiveness in areas where payment is directly linked

  14. Introduction to Learning

     Introduction to Learning Paper Yuliya Dobrivska PSY/390 July 28, 2015 Holly Berry While learning is a very important topic in modern psychology, however, it is considered difficult concept to describe. Many definitions describe learning as

  15. crisis community support

    Abstract This paper will address Miami and Florida’s community mental health needs and how they are meeting the needs of individual. By exploring through empirical research and demographic this paper will examine how individuals facing homelessness, unemployment, drug and alcohol abuse,

  16. attitudes

    “An attitude is "a relatively enduring organization of beliefs, feelings, and behavioral tendencies towards socially significant objects, groups, events or symbols" (Hogg, & Vaughan 2005, p. 150) There are three main components to the structure of attitudes. One of the components is the

  17. Little Hans

     Little Hans Beatrice Smith PSYCH/504 September 07, 2015 Kathleen Bernhard, PH.D. Phobias are something that people are scared of for no reason at all or something that happened to them in their lifetime. Some people are scared of animals, heights,

  18. intervention

     Intervention Strategies Alcoholics often have a difficult time acknowledging, understanding, believing or admitting there is a problem. In the scenario 12 video, “Alcoholic in Denial” this person is no different. The therapist uses several strategies to portray a need for Tonya to

  19. PTSD - Other Term Papers and Free Essays Search Browse Papers Join now! Login Support Browse Papers /Book Reports Psychology Posttraumatic Stress Disorder This article

  20. What are the strengths and weaknesses of this evolutionary explanation?

    An evolutionary psychologist would place emphasis upon the advantage of said behavior: for men, promiscuity increases the likelihood of propogating one's genes (one could even take the gene's perspective here and argue the genes drive the In contrast, women must be solely responsible for

  21. Appendix D Psychological and Psychophysiological Stress Disorders

    University of Phoenix Material Appendix D Psychological and Psychophysiological Stress Disorders Respond to the following: 1. Stress can be the root cause of psychological disorders. Name four symptoms shared by acute and posttraumatic stress disorders. Nightmares or re-experiencing of

  22. Nature Vs Nuture

    Nature: My definition onf Nature is any personality, character trait, or physical trait that is inherited from a direct family member or indirect family member. Two examples of how nature has affected my life are; One my fathers walk and two my mothers baby face. My father has a unique way of

  23. History of Child Abuse

     History of Child Abuse BSHS 408 September 28, 2015 Amy Willey, LCSW History of Child Abuse All through history, children have been exposed to many different types of abuse. It hasn’t been until the past few decades that legislation and organizations have been created to help the

  24. Bipolar Final

    Abstract Bipolar disorder (BPD) is a life-long disease that can be very dangerous if not treated properly. BPD can be treated, and people with BPD can go onto lead great lives despite having this disorder. A few famous people who have publicly admitted that they have BPD are Catherine

  25. Britz

    Student nr: 07718489 IOP3703 Assignment 1: 584412 1 CAREER PSYCHOLOGY STUDENT NR: 7718489 MODULE CODE: IOP3703/101 SEMESTER 2 ASSIGNMENT 01 UNIQUE NUMBER: 584412 Student nr: 07718489 IOP3703 Assignment 1: 584412 2 CONCEPTS OF CAREER SUCCESS, CAREER MOTIVATION

  26. Clinical Assessment of Tony Stark

     Clinical Assessment of Tony Stark Deanne Norgaard PSY 303: Abnormal Psychology Hillary Locke April 4, 2016 Clinical Assessment of Tony Stark I. Identifying Information The patient’s name is Anthony Stark, who prefers to go by Tony. He is a Caucasian/white heterosexual male

  27. Psychology Paper

    Neurotransmitters and Behavior A neuron works in a very simple way. Each one consists of a cell body and its branching fibers, the dendrites receive information and then moves that information towards the cell body. From there the cell bodies axon moves that information through branches to

  28. Genetic influences on aggression

    Discuss the role of genetic in human aggression (8+16 marks) One theory to explain the role of genetics in human aggression is the MAOA hypothesis. The MAOA gene produces the enzyme monoamine oxidase which is responsible for regulating and breaking down serotonin , dopamine and other

  29. Feeling BEtter

    Media Psychology ISSN: 1521-3269 (Print) 1532-785X (Online) Journal homepage: Feeling Better But Doing Worse: Effects of Facebook Self-Presentation on Implicit Self-Esteem and Cognitive Task Performance Catalina L. Toma To cite this article:

  30. What is a family

     What is a family? A family can be defined in many different ways based upon a person’s opinion. The dictionary defines family in several ways, one of which a family is “a fundamental social group in society typically consisting of one or two parents and their children.” 1 A family can also