Ad Analysis

Ad Analysis

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Analysis of the Midori Advertisement

There are so many advertisements we see in television, news paper, magazine, or even radio these days. The advertisements are very competitive to one another. They are usually competing to get the viewers attention; to persuade them to use or even to buy the products that are being advertised. The advertisement has to be very interesting and unique to someone who sees it. It could also have to look attractive for people so that they are interested and attracted to use the product.

From what we see as the Midori advertisement in Cosmopolitan magazine, this ad evokes a sense of seriousness, beauty, exoticness and persuasion. The ad’s objective is to persuade viewers to taste the product. A very close-up picture of an exotic woman’s face is the primary image of the ad. The woman is holding a glass full of green liquid and staring very intensely at us as the viewers. A picture of the product being advertised is at the bottom right corner of the ad with the word “MIDORI” largely displayed in front of it having the same font and bold letters as it is labeled on the product.

The exotic woman is projected from the ad as an element of seriousness and persuasion. The exotic woman’s raised eyebrows, the squint in her eyes, and the indifferent expression of her lips shows that she is serious about the product. The stare that she gives makes her look very persuasive about the product and a little commanding. The look that might tell us as the viewers to try the product. The much focused stare that she gives assures whoever is looking at this ad that she means business.

The advertisement is using a beautiful woman as one of the layout to grab the viewer’s attention. The woman look beautiful with all the make ups that she had on makes the viewers want to stop turning the page and look at the advertisement. As we see the lady in the back ground, we can tell that this product is most likely targeted toward upper-middle...

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