All Debate Topics

All Debate Topics

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AUTHOR: JOBIN C.B Time; 20 min

Directions:- Choose the most appropriate answer from the options given below;-

1. Which is the latest operating system from the Microsoft?
a. windows vista
b. windows professional
c. windows 2000
d. windows 7
2. ---- has bagged a top US award for adapting the basic cell phone technology to monitor the health of children in danger of malnutrition?
a. WTO
b. WHO
3. Who is the CEO of the Maruti Suzuki India limited?
a. Jintao Hi
b. Shinzo Nakinishi
c. Haifa Kuroki
d. Mihao Fa
4. Who is the managing director of the Volvo car India?
a. Rishi Bharata
b. Jnanendra Singh
c. Ajay Ahuliawalia
d. Paul De Voijs
5. Name the Saudi supertanker which has been caught by the Somali pirates, lately?
a. star 9
b. octopus 001
c. Sirius star
d. Jister
6. Who is the general secretary of the communist party of India (Marxist)?
a. Brinda karat
b. Prakash karat
c. Amar Singh
d. R.K Sharma
7. The current chief minister of Haryana?
a. Karunnanidhi
b. Yediyurappa
c. Bhupinder Singh Hooda
d. Murali Deora
8. Mohanlal and ------ have won the Ujala-Asianet Film Award 2009 for their performance in Madambi and Veruthe Oru Bharya respectively?
a. Namitha
b. Asin
c. Gopika
d. Amisha Patel
9. Which among the following is the Hrithik Roshan’s next film?
a. Lakshya
b. Kasha Nana
c. Kites
d. Leopard
10. “DOTS” is the community based treatment for ------?
a. malaria
b. Filiaria
d. Tuberculosis
11. The director of the “slum dog millionaire”?
a. Danny Boyle
b. Jose Jones
c. Freddy Charles
d. Steve Rod
12. Which film got the best picture at the 14th critic’s choice award in santa monica California?
a. Spider man 111
b. Quantum of...

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