Are People Born Writers?

Are People Born Writers?

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Writing Myth

“Good writers are born, not made. A writing course really
won’t help your writing.” Myth or fact? There are very few “born”
writers. Most writers, journalists, and editors today become
professional writers through reading, practicing, and yes, writing
courses. True, there are people that are born to naturally love
writing to inherit the skill of being skillful at it, but many people
practice and learn through some hard work and become good at writing.

The more determination, attitude, and persistence you put
in to becoming better, the more closer you reach to becoming an
excellent writer. Anyone can write. “A writer is someone who writes,
that’s all.” quoted by Gore Vidal. All you have to do is work hard at
your writing just as an athlete would work hard with is his or her
training. You would have to take it very seriously if you would want
to see positive results.

A writing course would help because it will teach you how
to cope with procrastination, anxiety, lack of “inspiration”, and
false starts by focusing directly on solving the problems that occur
during the writing process. A writing course not only helps in
improving your writing, but it also teaches you to adapt your writing
to a variety of different purposes and audiences such as a lab report
in science class, to a letter to your main manager. Taking a writing
course helps you express yourself more clearly, confidently, and

Just don’t forget you are already a writer. Practice enough
to be acknowledged of it. Anyone can be a great writer if they set
their minds to it!

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