Bringing Light to Public Private Partnerships

Bringing Light to Public Private Partnerships

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The report herewith presented is the individual dissertation of a London Business School Sloan Fellow.

The Sloan Fellowship ' unique to Stanford and MIT and London Business School ' is an MSc masters and fulltime general management programme designed for matured executives stepping into top management and leadership positions. It is the most prestigious programme offered at London Business School.

The Sloan individual dissertation is focused in both academic content and business relevance. Academic content means an original investigation which evolves from established theories, concepts, or knowledge. Business relevance means a choice of topic which will be of value to some part of the business community: public sector, private ' third sector[1] included.

The Sloan project report describes a management challenge, setting it in context, and explaining its importance. It also contains data research and problem analysis, which informs and articulates a management decision or approach. It presents recommendations and strategies on how they should be implemented.

The public sector owns a significant portfolio of assets and businesses, either central for the delivery of public goods and services or unique for the exploitation of commercial value in terms of properties, capital equipment, data, intellectual property, operating rights, customer access, brands, etc. World history has proven that the public sector’s risk adverse culture and consequent rent seeking attitude decelerates advancements of business developments and production efficiencies hence not exploiting the aforementioned assets to their full potential.

The PPP proposition leverages the private sector’s ability regarding productivity excellence, business management expertise, customer focus and innovation capabilities. In the economics of PPP, the public sector transfers project development and delivery to the private sector not only in the noble quest for value for money but...

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