Btec business

Btec business


The plan is to run an charity event for Teenage Cancer Trust. The event, our bingo night, is going to be held at the East Riding College. TCT will provide banners, poster and lots of other thing to help promote them. Our bingo night will have snacks and drinks donated by our group.

East Riding College Canteen


Students, Tutors and parents


Types of event:
There are a lot of different events. Some are to for people to enjoy and some are for business/charity purposes. Some are cheap to organise, others cost millions. Ours will have to be relatively cheap as we want as much money to go the the charity but still be nice and enjoyable.

Formal or informal:
My event is an informal event because you can wear whatever you like, there are no stakeholders, and it is meant just for fun, enjoyment and to raise money.

In order to hold a successful business event, our event leader will need to delegate various roles to each member of the group in order for the event to run smoothly.

Clarifying the purpose:
There is only just one purpose of my event; to raise money!

Size & Numbers:
We are hoping to have about 50 -60 people come to our event.

Target audience:
Anyone who enjoy an event where you can socialise. We will target an older age of about 25 - 75. I think this is our best age as they are the more likely to come and donate money to TCT.

Jack is going to be reading out the numbers. Everyone else will help hand out food, help with prizes and also the cleaning up. We will finance everything as a group. Health and safety will be done by ourselves.

We make decisions together as a group and handle them as a team.
Keeping people up to date is really important, if we have any changes we have to let people know immediately.

Budget and cost analysis:
With our event we are expecting to make a lot of money for TCT. We will donate food and drink...

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