P7 Btec business communication

P7 Btec business communication

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 Business Communication
The methods that Vodafone use will be used to target different types of people with the younger generation all having phones this will be a lot more useful to communicate with them and in a quick and efficient manor there are 4 main audiences
In these 4 different areas you will send different types of messages in different ways of communication depending on how formal it is going to be with different types of people want the quickest and most efficient way of communication so prefer phone and this is because they take their phone everywhere and are able to communicate from anywhere.
Vodafone offer different ways for the people with special needs like difficulty hearing, seeing or speaking and Vodafone are really helpful with this because they offer discounts on calls up to 60% on land lines and up to 20% on mobile with texts being free and Vodafone will install anything that will help you communicate with you need to
A vibrating or flashing alert
A hearing loop
Making the ringtone louder
Changing the speaker volume
Sending and receiving emails and texts
Using instant messaging

Type of Communication
Electronic Methods

Customers- Texting will usually be used to update customer on deals and updates for and about the company but in an informal way.

Text is very useful for the company to quickly get in touch with the customer and they do so as we use our phones a lot in our day to day routines

For the customers with special needs that need to communicate with people Vodafone offer many different offers including 60% discount to landlines and 20% to mobile numbers. Along with text to voice to help them with other added setting to make the notice that they have got a text or a notification like making a vibration or flashing alert or even...

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