Bullying. Are girls too mean to each other?

Bullying. Are girls too mean to each other?

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Are girls too mean to each other?

Sometimes girls are so insecure of themselves, so they feel the need to bring other girls down. It could be over cute clothes, pretty hair, a pretty face, or maybe over a relationship with a boy. They're always comparing themselves to each other, or in other words it’s always a competition. They don't care if they hurt each other either, as long as they’re winning or getting the most attention by someone. Some girls will go to the extreme just to get attention and it doesn't matter if they embarrass someone or hurt them. It’s all about being popular and the best. It could possibly be their so called best friend, girls are very vain and they don't care. Girls are too mean to each other because there is always jealousy between one another and a competition to be the best.
Jealousy plays a huge role in how girls treat each other. Generally, when a girl feels most intimidated by another girl they get jealous and it often leads to big trouble. They stab each other in the back, spread rumors, get into fights over boys, humiliate each other on the internet, and do whatever they can just to be cruel. Girls are too harsh on each other. I mean it is already hard being a teenager these days anyway, and then adding the drama on top of all of it, is just crazy and it has been getting way out of hand over the years as you can defiantly notice.
In our generation, many teenagers can easily access the internet where there are many social networking sites that consist of bullying. Cyber bullying has increased in several years. Statistics say that girls are twice as likely to be victims and perpetrators of cyber bullying (Cite 1).

Teenagers don’t take cyber bullying seriously and they don’t realize what effect it has on others, they think it does no harm, when sadly it really does. Getting made fun of, being called hurtful names is very painful inside, but teens don’t take that into consideration when they’re the ones bullying....

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