Bus105 Scenario

Bus105 Scenario

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Click here to review the BUS105 scenario.

For the first part of this project, introduce yourself and share your educational and future career plans.
Legally, businesses can be organized as sole proprietorships, partnerships, or corporations. In your own words, briefly describe each of these legal entities. Then, pick one and explain the advantages and disadvantages of using this form of business organization.
Please submit your assignment of 2-3 pages in APA format.

Submitting your assignment in APA format means, at a minimum, you will need the following:


BODY. The body of your paper begins on the page following the cover page and abstract page and must be double-spaced (be careful not to triple- or quadruple-space between paragraphs). The type face should be 12-pt. Times Roman or 12-pt. Courier in regular black type. Do not use color, bold type, or italics except as required for references. The deliverable length of 2–3 pages (does not include cover page, abstract page, or reference page).

REFERENCE PAGE. References, in APA format, are the only things that should appear on the last page of the paper. APA format is necessary for your assignments when citing references in the body of your paper.
Click here to see a sample of a paper in APA format.

Suggested Unit Resources
If you would like more assistance with using APA style, click Learning Center in the top navigation bar to navigate to the Learning Center. Once in the Learning Center, click Learning Labs. Here, the APA Style Learning Lab is available to assist you with APA style.

From the left navigation bar, click Course Materials under Interactive Learning. This will allow you to view the supporting multimedia or text-based materials for this Unit.

Interactive Tutorial
New Business Ventures in the U.S. and International Markets

This is a glossary of some basic business terminology.

Points Possible: 125
Date Due: Sunday, Aug 30, 2009...

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