Business Plan of a Gas Station

Business Plan of a Gas Station

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BDD Service Station

Business Plan

Business Description

Type of business: Service Station
Business Structure: Corporation
Ownership: Baheerah Millwood
Denise Shaw
Deandra Chung

Products and services the business will provide:

BDD Service Station will be a full and self-service facility; the initial focus will be
fuel sales, including regular, premium, diesel and E10. The station will also operate a car wash and automobile repair facility.

According to the Petroleum Corporation of Jamaica, the profits realized on fuel sales are marginal, and with such small markups the main way to stay in business is to sell huge volumes. Despite huge volumes, margins are so thin that virtually all filling stations depend on non-fuel products such as snack foods to increase revenues and margins.

For this reason the secondary product line will include the following:

Motor oil and lubricants
Select car parts and accessories
Maps and Magazines
Ice, soft drinks and alcoholic beverages
Lottery tickets, phone cards and condoms
Deli food items

The fuels will be contained in underground tanks. Measures will be put in place to fight rust perforation which can be caused by several effects of water inside the tank.

Mission Statement:
To provide the highest quality service to customers by fostering positive relations with the community and country while protecting the environment through the distribution of the highest quality product and services.

Keys to Success
Wide variety and good quality products at competitive prices
Excellent customer service that will promote customer loyalty
A location that will assure that commuters will stop

Business and Industry Market Analysis

Industry Sector: Service

A history of the industry:

Crude oil is the raw material from which gasoline is distilled. Crude oil makes up
more than 99 per cent of the volume of most gasolines and it contributes a significant
portion of the final...

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