Caribbean Guesthouse Business Plan

Caribbean Guesthouse Business Plan

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Caribbean Guesthouse Business Plan

Caribbean Guesthouse Business Plan
The Executive Summary
You might have wished to be a tourist or rather a visitor at the Caribbean but afraid that you may lack a place to rest at the end of the day. This fear is no longer there since we at the Caribbean guest home are here with you ready to offer our services to your satisfaction. The home offers both food and accommodation for the tourists and any other interested individuals who may find themselves within the surrounding of the Caribbean. Our clients are left to decide on the rooms they would wish to have and the type of food that they would like served to them. While there are a number of such homes offering such services our home stands out with difference of being located along the river banks.
“Its marketing strategy will seek to find out ways in which quality of services can be improved within the home in order to attract more tourists.” (Davidson, 2005) It will seek to market the services one is likely to enjoy while at the home and how available the services are to the individuals. The intention is to also convince the consumers that the moment they step in the home they will leave the place satisfied and happy. The staff will be responsible for managing the affairs of the home with the support from the subordinate staff. As a start we will have a staff of 30 people. The size of the market area will be determined by amount of profit made from the investments. Advertisement for the home will be made through the newspapers, television and radio.

Based on the demands by the tourism for accommodation, we expect that as a home we will be able to meet the sales projections of up to $400,000 and that the salary of the workers will be determined depending on the amount of profit that will be incurred. Currently, we have completed a six bed room home that is self financed and we expect to get more finances from those who obtain accommodation from...

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