case study memo buad 304

case study memo buad 304

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Case Study Memo #2
Re: Case Memo # 2 Perception and Decision

Dave Armstrong struggled for choosing between three job opportunities. The first one is doing a piggyback rail terminal, which is a highly risky but also highly rewarding job. 50-70 K is required to invest in this job but the business may fail. The second job is a gas business with Irwin, which is a short time business but will bring numerous connection to Dave. The third job is a conventional job as a management team with a stable income.

Dave can choose between four alternative, and each of them has its own pros and cons for him to choose:
1. Choose job A
Dave can choose job A, which’s success will reward Dave with a fortune and a strong sense achievement. However, if the business fail, it will exhaust Dave both financially and mentally.
2. Choose job B
Dave can choose job B. This job is beneficial to Dave no matter the job succeeds or not. The connection Dave can gain will remain unchanged. The downside of this job is that it is not as mentally or financially rewarding as job A is if both of the business succeeds.
3. Choose job C
Dave can choose job C, the common conventional job. This job has the lowest risk and stable. However, this job also has the least rewards and least changes. Dave will not gain the sense of achievement from this job as much as he can gain from doing job A or job B.
4. Choose job B and C
Since job B is a short term business, and job C will not start for another 6-12 months, Dave actually can do both jobs. Through choosing two jobs, Dave not only will have a stable income, he can also gain the tremendous connection he desires.

After considering all of the situations above, the best recommendation I have for Dave will be choosing both job B and job C.
Though job A may seems promising and offers a lot of sense of achievement, Dave actually couldn’t be sure the chance of the success for job A. The halo...

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