Comapair and Contrast

Comapair and Contrast

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English 1010
5 February 2013

Compare and Contrast Twenty Year Olds With and Without Children

Open your mind and think about a twenty year old with a child. Now, think about a twenty year old without a child. These are two different types of people but they can be alike and different at the same time. There are many similarities and differences in being a twenty year old with a child and without. For the most part they are very similar, but, they are also very different. Let me tell you about a life with a child at the age of twenty, then I’ll tell you about life of a twenty year old without a child.
Being twenty with a child is very difficult. You have so many responsibilities. You need to get diapers, make sure your child is bathed or in clean clothes. I know about these responsibilities myself because I have a two year old. A responsibility coming from being a parent is hard work and takes some time to get use to. It’s because you don’t have to just take care of yourself but of the child too. You need to make sure they have everything they need before you get anything you want. Needs come first before wants when you have a child, this is part of the responsibility that comes. Thinking of your child before yourself is difficult but it has to be done.
Now a twenty year old without a child has responsibilities but they are very different. My friend Shelby is twenty without a child and has responsibilities at her job and also school. She gets to use her money on things she wants and needs. She can go buy her own clothes at almost any price and not worry about anyone else. But with her job she needs to be there on time and do her work right. She gets to take care of herself and do things for her. Her other responsibilities are for school. She needs to get her school work done before class in her time when she’s off work.
Going out for me is usually slim to none. I don’t go out and party or go out with friends as often as I used to. When I do go...

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