Combat Engineer Essay

Combat Engineer Essay


Combat engineers have several duties. Some of the major duties include supervising, serving, or assisting as a member of a team, squad, section, or platoon. Also Combat engineers provide support to combat forces. Combat engineers also operate certain vehicles such as the (CEV) COMBAT ENGINEER VEHICLE, (AVLB) ARMORED VEHICLE LAUNCHED BRIDGES, and the (ACE) ARMORED COMBAT EARTHMOVER. Combat engineers have different duties depending on their skill level.

As a Combat engineer (21B20) my duties consist of basic combat construction. I also can operate various light or heavy engineer wheeled vehicles. Some duties may be operating or serving as a crew member on a CEV, AVLB, or an ACE while participating in combat mobility, counter mobility, and survivability operations. Some other duties may consist of preparing and installing priming and firing systems for demolition and explosives. More duties include arming, disarming and installing anti-personnel and anti-tank mines. During certain operations I might even be tasked to locate mines by visual means or by using a mine detector. Combat engineers are also taught to recognize and neutralize booby traps, friendly and threat mines, and firing devices.

As an NCO I may supervise lower grade soldiers and provide technical guidance to soldiers in the accomplishment of their duties. I may also direct and assist in the operation of engineer wheeled or track vehicles. Some other duties consist of assisting in performance of organizational maintenance of vehicle and armament system components. During training and combat operations I can direct the construction of fighting positions and wire entanglements and control fire team movements, direct mine-clearing line charge loading team, and direct minefield marking party and dispensing operation of mine scattering systems. Reconnaissance operation is yet another duty.

As a Combat engineer my job at times can be physically demanding, but I...

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