Computer Classes

Computer Classes

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North Carolina
Virtual Schooling

The article “North Carolina, Virtual classes help schools offer more” was a very intriguing, since we have discussed this topic before. Schools in the Charolette area were resorting to online classes. Over 150 of these classes were online, and completely out of the class room. The school believes this would help not only with responsibility, but to get students a advantage going into the world of college.

Since the start of this it has seemed to be affective. It makes students be more responsibly by doing their work on their own time, and actually get up and do the work from home. Yet I believe the reason for its success is in three different areas. One is concentration in this new environment, the other is the lack of social network in regular school, and the third is the shorter school hours.

Concentration is the big factor in the success of this program. There is no kids around you causing no distrations, and your mind becomes totally engulfed in what your learning. It gives the student a chance to actually focus and learn. Not sit in a class for eight hours a day learning nothing. Because if you can’t concentrate on something then you can’t learn it.

The other helping success factor is the lack of sociality. In school most kids only love to come to see friends and talk. Yet in this virtual classroom enviorment it’s you, a computer, and your brain. Which helps you to actually learn what’s being taught to you. School has become just another social event, this may change the outcome of our generation.

The last is the difference in the school hours. Regular schools are 8 hours a day for 5 days. Entirely to much for the brain capacity of most teens. The computer classes though are only 6-8 hours a week.

The shocker is that this system has achieved more than school classrooms have. Kids learn more, and even become more prepared for college life and the respnsibilyt that comes along with it. Also...

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