Conflict Management

Conflict Management

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Conflict Management
Teams can help with the organization to be successful. In order for this to happen, employees need to work with the other team members of the organization to make it possible to create positive results. Employees, who are involved in a team, need to understand that even though that he/she has a particular job function and work in a particular department, he/she has to work with other employees to meet their goals.

When an organization is forming a team, it is for the purpose to help solve real work problems, and also to improve real work processes. By providing training in systematic methods, this helps the team members expends the energy towards their goal without having to waist time and energy on trying to decide how to work together to approach the desired goal.

Team members should have department meetings to go over their projects and to see how it is going so far. This is valuable time so that they can get input and to distribute the work amongst themselves. If for some reason the tam members are not working positively together, the work process they own should be examined. It could well be that the problem is not their own personalities, but rather, they can not agree on what type of process they should use in order to get something done and/or they are not coming up with a uniform idea on how to deliver a product or service.

Also, having fun and shared activities is another way so that team members can learn more about each other and develop a relationship so that they are better able to work together. Organization could encourage teams to have a pot luck lunch; dinners at a local restaurant, or attend a sporting event.

Another great idea is to use ice breakers, and having some fun team building activities at meetings. When any fun activity is used, it should be done in ten minutes and no longer. This is a small investment so that team members can share a laugh together and are better...

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