Iq and Eq in Conflict Management

Iq and Eq in Conflict Management

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Are both EQ and IQ equally important in Conflict Management?

1. Introduction

EQ is the ability to understand, manage and effectively apply the power of emotions as a source of information, trust, communication, influence and conflict resolution whereas IQ is the usage of tests to measure the smartness and express the relative intelligence of a person. Studies have shown that unlike IQ, EQ can improve tremendously throughout life. In the normal course of a lifetime, emotional intelligence tends to increase as we learn to be more aware of our moods, to handle distressing emotions better, to listen and empathize. A person low in EQ can learn how to function more effectively at home and work by developing his ability to deal with his own emotions and the emotions of others.

The purpose of this study is to discuss, with much personal analytical thought, reflection and research whether both EQ and IQ are as important in conflict management.

A conflict is a process that begins when one party perceives that the other has frustrated, or is about to frustrate, some concerns of his (Kenneth Thomas, 1976). Disputes, sabotage, inefficiency, low morale and withholding of knowledge/information are just some acts which manifests conflicts.
Conflict management is a systematic process geared toward finding mutually satisfying outcomes for all conflicted parties. These outcomes must help a team, group, organization or community function more effectively and achieve stated goals. Every organization should aim to increase the likelihood that conflicts will be resolved efficiently and effectively.
We will base our study on these 3 hypotheses:
H1: High EQ, in the absence of average level of IQ and above will not ensure the likelihood of success in conflict management
H2: High IQ, in the absence of average level of EQ and above will not ensure the likelihood of success in conflict management
H3: Both Average EQ and average IQ will ensure likelihood of success in...

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