Context of International Business

Context of International Business

The Context of International Business

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“You are about to begin an exciting, important and necessary task: the exploration of international business. International business is exciting because it combines the science and the art of business with many other disciplines, such as economics, anthropology, geography, history, culture studies, jurisprudence, statistics and demography. International business is important and necessary because economic isolationism has become impossible. Failure to become a part of the global market assures a nation of declining economic influence and a deteriorating standard of living for its citizens. Successful participation in international business, however, holds the promise of improved quality of life and a better society, even leading, some believe, to a peaceful world.

On an individual level, most students are likely to become involved with international business enterprises during their careers. Manufacturing firms, as well as service companies such as banks, insurance or consulting firms are going global. Artwork, films and music are already widely exposed to the international market. Many of the future professional colleagues and competitors of today’s students will come from around the world. In an era of open borders, niche marketing, instant communications and virtually free ways of reaching millions of people, an unprecedented opportunity emerges for individuals to enter the international business arena. Start-up firms can challenge the existing, long-dominant, large competition. Speed, creativity and innovation have often become more important to international success than size. Understanding international business is...

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