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International Business

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Developing an Effective Recruitment Strategy

Executive summary
The research is conducted to improve the performance of recruiting activities in the organizations. The reason behind this research is the poor performance of most of the companies in recruitment sector and this leaves them with reduced profits. The recruitment cost and the attrition rates are soaring in most of the companies leading to poor returns from the investment in the recruitment costs. The course of action include eight steps namely work force planning developing job analysis and specification, identifying sources of recruitment, promoting the recruitment process, identifying and training recruiters, planning interview and selection process, providing orientation and training program to new employees and finally measuring the returns on the investment. This research puts forward four recommendations. First the companies should conduct work force analysis frequently. Secondly, Companies must provide proper training to the recruiters, and also should develop appropriate training and orientation program to new employees. Next, the Companies should maintain good relationship with schools and recruitment agencies. At last, companies must employ modern technologies to increase the Return on Investment

The recruitment process of most of the companies is too poor and inefficient to meet the demands of the companies. In most of the companies the recruitment fails to anticipate the workforce needs leading to the outsourcing of the works. Most of the companies in the current business scenario react to hiring situation as emergencies and they don’t have effective ways to forecast the workforce needs of the organization. Three fourth of the companies in the present business scenario are facing tough challenges while recruiting new employees for meeting the demands from the various functional departments of the organization. The...

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