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International Business

Dear Sir or Madam in the Australian:

I’m a representative from the Zero Waste South Australiua organization, which enables people to improve their recycling and waste avoidance practices, whether at home, at work or in industry.

The main content of this media release is about promoting the public cutting down on the waste in this Christmas. Every Christmas, it is a common issue that customers buy various types of unnecessary gifts. It is essential to solve excessive consumption and create awareness of reducing waste. Due to waste of consumption has increased during Christmas, it is harmful for sustainable economic development and environment protection. The target audience of this media release is every Australian consumer who spends huge number of money in buying gift during Christmas. This media release is going to warn people to think about positive way to reduce wasting, save energy and recycle stuff.

Best Regards,
Vincy Fang

Media Release

Zero Waste South Australia
Level 8, 99 Gawler Place
Adelaide SA 5001, Australia

Saturday 6 December 2014

Cut Down on the waste in this Christmas

Christmas in Australia is the most cheerful season of the year but the most wasteful season as well. Six million Australians received one or more Christmas gifts, however, they gave away later or never used basing on the last Christmas. Million dollars have been spent for buying gifts, decorating homes and entertaining family, which is not only additional waste in economy but also expense burden of recycling system. Zero Waste South Australian Government is giving strategy to promote consumers to avoid wasting during this Christmas.

Christmas is one of the most important festivals in Australia. Families and friends come together to celebrate Christmas and enjoy this great happiness time. In order to celebrate the festival and share happiness, it may seem...

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