Critical Thinking Simulation

Critical Thinking Simulation

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Thinking Critically Simulation Paper

In this paper, the authors discuss their results for the Critical Thinking Simulation. The authors come together and share their results as well as provide their insights on how he or she thought the simulation went. They also discuss how they would have approached the scenario differently using different tools. They also write about what different critical thinking techniques would have benefitted the scenario.

Thinking Critically Simulation Paper
The process in which a person utilizes critical thinking is based on his or her personal techniques. All team members present different approaches in applying the critical thinking process. As a team, each individual team member presented his or her idea on the proper way to approach a situation and develop a method to resolve the matter. The simulation provided several situational problems that made each team member think critically before making a decision. The group discuss has evaluated the importance in decision making, the importance of analyzing a problem, utilizing the problem solving tools and techniques, and the overall results in the simulation.
The thinking critically simulation consisted of multiple decision making steps which are based on different problem-solving tools and techniques. Importance weighting was crucial to the simulation because each problem had to be divided into critical and non-critical situations and also it had to be further broken down to decide if it was urgent or non-urgent. Decision tree was utilized to outweigh the importance of each problem identified in the organization. Each issue had to be identified as a problem or a fallacy or symptoms to the problem within the company so a decision tree had to be developed in order to create a good balance at the time of weighing the importance of each problem.

Once each problem has been broken down by importance...

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