Cultural Communications

Cultural Communications

Cross Cultural Analysis
Time and place of interview:
Name: Alan Casden
Title/Company: Attorney at Law,
Date of Interview: December 2, 2008

Interview Questions

1. What is your educational background?

2. When traveling abroad for business, what do you duties consist of?

3. After many years of doing business just in the United States, were you prepared for conducting business abroad?
4. What are the differences you notice from doing business at home in the United States vs. doing business abroad?
5. Were you even placed in a certain situation where the culture differences have caused some sort of altercation? How so?
6. How would you describe foreigners' perspectives on the way you conduct business when abroad?
7. Do you have any unique advice before doing business abroad?

Background of interviewee:
I interviewed my father, Mr. Joseph Konowiecki. He began his career as a lawyer in the late 70's. Since, he has sat on the board of several healthcare companies including PacifiCare Health Systems as well as different hospitals in the southern California area. He currently runs his own investment group The Moriah Group based out of Long Beach, California. He also is part owner of Zevet Berkovich, an international construction and development company based out of Tel Aviv, Israel. Mr. Konowiecki began his work abroad right out of law school. Although this is not the zenith of international business affairs, he worked in the Singapore for two years working in several commercial enterprises including Singapore Airlines. In addition to all this, he is the owner and founder of USFC (United States Football Club). Which is an association primarily focusing on young American soccer players and enhancing their skills in order to place them on various teams throughout Europe. The USFC deals with many teams in Europe from cities including Copenhagen, Munich, and Ashdod. Although the majority of Mr. Konowiecki's professional career was based in the...

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