Fault Maintenance of Crusher Worth Your Attention

Fault Maintenance of Crusher Worth Your Attention

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In addition, the automation and continuation production degree of modern manufacturing enterprise is high, so that the requirement of equipment’s’ smoothly running is also improved. What’s more, the stone crusher equipment is also developing towards the direction of large scale and high yield. Apart from that, the difficulty of disassembly, transport and maintenance is also increasing, without advanced repair methods, the problems may not be solved quickly and efficiently for the first time, which will influence the production seriously.

Solving methods of bearing wear and tear: In the process of running, it may bring wear and tear to the bearings due to various factors. So it needs machining like repair welding and brush plating according to the traditional methods. However, there are still some tiny problems. The heat power can not be eliminated completely and, what’s more, it may require rework since the galvanized coating is possible to peel.

Therefore, it is important to choose an ascendant stone crusher which has strong adhesion and excellent compressive strength, with these excellent comprehensive properties, the crusher will own advantages like free disassembly, machining avoidness and efficient bearing wear repairers, which will greatly prolong the service life of stone crusher.

Solving methods of keyway damage and coupling inner hole wear:In the process of long running, the simple head and keyways may be wearing and they are prone to bend or break. We can use traditional methods like electroplate to maintain it and prolong its life cycle, and of course, choose a right one from the beginning.

Products with excellent technology has strong adhesion, compressive strength and some other practical comprehensive properties. It uses high polymer composite material, so that it can avoid machining and repair the wear efficiently. What’s more, the metal materials of the crusher have deformability function, which is able to absorb the vibration of the...

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