Funding Memo

Funding Memo

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TO: Kevin King Director of Accounting

FROM: Stephan Stover System Analyst

RE: Request for Business Writing course Funding

DATE: October 16, 2013

The purpose of this memo is to request funding for Stephan Stover to go to an online Business Communications course. As the System Analyst this course will significantly expand my ability to write clear, concise, and effective messages in proficient manner. Attending this class will provide me with an chance for professional growth and allow me to communicate better in writing with my colleagues and superiors at the company, encourage effective communication which in turn will increase efficiency, save time and effort in rewriting documents and explaining what is needed.

This course will also offer:
• Guidelines on style and writing.
• Using correct capitalization, punctuation and grammar.
• Insight on keeping communications on point
• More effective written and verbal communications.
• Additional skills training.

Leaders from other departments have taken similar classes for their school work and it has appeared to be very beneficial amongst those departments. How to write effective, business letters/e-mails to business associates. Participating in this class may possibly give me and our company direct access to other ideas or industries which will allow us to focus our efforts to standardize processes before focusing our time and resources. One of our current issues is that processes are not followed due to confusion or lack of a clear direction. Good written communications is crucial in maintaining proficiency and keeping mistakes to a minimum.

The course is titled, GB512 Business Communications and is being offered at Kaplan College. The 6 week class is set to start July 12, 2014. The cost of the course is $1380.00 which includes all books and essential course supplies. Since the course is offered online, all course work and attendance will be in the evenings or weekends so it will...

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