Great Crash 2008

Great Crash 2008

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Reading Comprehension Analysis
Student’s Name

Part One: Description
Describe the author’s thesis:
The recent global financial crisis undermined reputation of the Western world and, as a result, the central role in global affairs will shift away from the USA and Europe, at least in the medium-term perspective.
Describe the author’s conclusion:
The United States’ military and political power assure that the nation will remain the major power in the world, but the crisis which undermined the US financial stability limits the US geopolitical power and gives a chance for other nations to rise faster thus putting an end to the unipolar world.
Describe the author’s levels of analysis:
The author mostly relies on the state level of analysis, studying the situation in individual states and making conclusions about their potential as global actors. However, he analyzes the situation at the global level when makes a conclusion that free-marker model has lost its credibility globally and when recommends to give preference to the more representative G-20 rather than G-8. Comparing individual states’ situations and making conclusions about geopolitical landscape also required global level of analysis.
Describe the author’s evidence supporting his/her argument:
The crisis has eroded the attractiveness of free-market capitalism propagated by the US. The recession will force the government focus on internal affairs, with the financial crisis leaving no funds for vast international initiatives. Other major actors are also going to suffer from the crisis. At the same time, China, being the world’s strongest country in terms of liquidity, has an opportunity to gain more influence over the global affairs.
Part Two: Analysis
Write an argument supporting the author’s argument:
With serious economic problems at home, the US administration cannot involve in large-scale international...

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