How to Apply the High Frequency Screen Safely?

How to Apply the High Frequency Screen Safely?

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High frequency vibrating screen at home and abroad in technical performance or in a sieve machine reliability has made considerable progress. Its development prospects are extremely good. Therefore, I believe the high frequency vibrating screen in the future will play more and more important role in screening area.

In addition, the high frequency vibrating screen should be in the screen surface without material, and avoid to pick-up boot, sieve machine running smoothly before feeding.Outage should stop before feeding, surface material out again after downtime. Hongxing Machinery is known for its high-quality products (Jaw crusher china, hammer mill crusher, compound cone crusher,etc) as well as its own bearingly excellent service, say, pre-sale service, on-the-sale service and after-sales service. We have specialists specially to choose the right machines and design the most suitable production line that most cater to your requirements.

The screening performance is affected significantly by various factors such as equipment capacity and angle of inclination, in which the performance can be measured by screening efficiency and flux of the product. And screening efficiency is expressed as the ratio of the amount of material that actually passes through the aperture, divided by the amount in the feed that theoretically should pass.

At present, in the coal industry, settlement of high frequency vibrating screen instead of filtering centrifuges, pressure filter and diaphragm filter for flotation plant dehydration, instead of coal slime flotation system and recycling group, etc., who has carried on the practice in coal preparation plant, and achieved good results. In future, the high frequency vibrating screen will be in the other applications of the coal preparation to analysis and research so as to improve its role in the coal preparation, expanding the scope of its application.

The equipment capacity is almost directly proportional to screen width. This...

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