Impact Og Rrnco

Impact Og Rrnco

Impact that I as an RRNCO will have in and around my community

The impact that I as a recruiting and retention non-commissioned officer will have in and

Is as an Ambuscader of not only the Wisconsin Army National Guard but the United

States Armed Forces in general. Not only am I representing the National Guard at the

Local armory but as well when I am operating my Government provided vehicle,

Conducting physical fitness, going to the grocery store, or even dining with my family,

I am a professional soldier at all times and as a professional I need to uphold the army

Values in everything I do. The way I wear my uniform, the way I carry myself, and

Even the way I talk can have a significant image whether it is a negative or positive as

The recruiting and retention Non-Commissioned officer in my local community.

When I go out and into my local community I am not only trying to accomplish my

Mission for the Wisconsin Army National Guard by giving back to the community for

giving myself and the Wisconsin army National Guard quality soldiers, but also my

mission with that local Community by being that person someone can trust, depend on,

and go to for help and above all make the people proud of what I do and what the

millions of others Soldiers, Sailors, Airman and Marines have done for them and the

United States. My local community along with most other communities around the

United States are going rough some of the hardest financial times in our history

And to give people the opportunity to excel past their hardships I need to be a very big
Impact on them and other areas for other recruiting and retention non-commissioned
I always take pride in what I do in and out of uniform and will always strive to learn and

Teach others what I have learned and experienced through the Army National Guard.

Always Ready Always There!

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