Informative Speech

Informative Speech

How many of you have wanted to go to Amsterdam?

Thesis: Amsterdam is one amazing and unique place to visit.

Specific Purpose: To inform people of all the unique places and things to do in Amsterdam.


Amsterdam is full of fun and interesting things that aren’t found in the U.S
There are four unique and interesting things I found that everyone can enjoy!

1) Visit the Ann Frank House
2) Go to the Red Light District
3) Visit the Heineken Brewery
4) Visit the Marijuana, Hemp, and Hash Museum

First off we got the Ann Frank house.

Ann frank and her family had to hide here for 2 years during WWII

They were eventually caught and brought to concentration camp.

This is the biggest tourist attraction in the Netherlands.

Now I would to introduce the Red Light District.

It is a network of alleys constraining several hundred tiny one room apartments.

These apartments are rented by male and female prostitutes who offer there

Services from behind a glass wall or glass door, typically illuminated with red


There are also many coffee shops offering various cannabis products.

Next we go to the Heineken Brewery.

Was purchased by Gerard Adrian Heineken in 1867.

It was brewed here until 1988.

It was the original Brewery for Heineken.

The museum gives a great tour and tasting exhibit which people can enjoy.

Now we visit the Marijuana, Hemp, and Hash Museum.

This takes a look into the Informative side of marijuana.

It shows how plants are raised, and has rooms covered with plexi glass to show

the different stages of growth in the plants.

Since this place was opened in 1985 it has had more than 2 million visitors.

This place gets about 75 thousand visitors a year.

It is located in the heart of the Red Light District.

Also there is a nice pipe and bong exhibit.

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