Internet Exercises

Internet Exercises

Chapter 1
Internet Exercises

# 1
a) While working in restaurants and kitchens in my life I haven’t had much managing experience while working in those roles. So I have no problem actually starting from the bottom and working my up. But I would like work on my management skills more, even if in the current career field. Some management experience looks better than none for an employer looking for an entry-level management position.

# 3
a) On these website internships most countries are available for internships, including the United States, and in all types of career fields as well. These range from Accounting, Business, and Culinary to more of the internships give a person more experience in an area, such as being a camp counselor and working in a call center.

b) From I found a wide variety of Culinary Arts internships, I for one cannot wait to pursue. One offered a culinary program in Australia and another in Ireland; both of which I have always wanted to visit. I’m sure there are to pursuing an international internship, but I focus more on the upsides.

While I know that I would not technically be alone while overseas, but that would be my main downside. Another would be if the area of interest one would choose happened to be in a country where one was unfamiliar with the language; yes most of these programs either offer, the courses in English and/or both, it would still be something to adjust to while also trying to learn and maintain your grades.

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