IT Planning at ModMeters

IT Planning at ModMeters

Case Study: IT Planning at ModMeters

Organization Setup:

Major Issues/Problems Identified:

 North American operations to grow as global operations. The plan involves expanding business in Asia and Eastern Europe
 Locations in Asia & Eastern Europe lack required infrastructure
 IT budget allocation within the organization is tightly controlled
 Setting up direct customer sales
 Existing IT systems do not talk to each other and it’s alarming during company’s expansion
 Marketing & HR budget was hardly anything
 Huge budget allocation to manufacturing department


 Improper allocation of funds, since manufacturing department’s performance exceeds expectations, as a next step manufacturing department’s budget can be brought down during the expansion period
 Detailed feasibility study needs to be done in Asia & Eastern Europe where infrastructure lack
 For direct customer sales, local survey has to be done before going on field
 A complete database architecture has to be developed, so that the system can talk to each other to avoid any IT dependency time lag
 Business expansion has to be supported with some extra funding on marketing and HR for hiring new employees and advertising

Responses to End of Case Questions:

 Question: Develop an IT planning Process for ModMeters to accomplish the demands as set out
Answer: An effective IT budget process promotes accountability and establishes spending guidelines for IT purchases. Alternatively, a poor IT budgeting process can cause companies to invest in technology that adds layers of complexity or results in a lack of investment in technology that might be critical to operations. Also, a poor IT budget can create disconnect between the IT department and all other departments leading to failed technology implementations and to technology purchases that might not be a best fit for the company’s growth.

The following KPIs shall be included in the IT planning...

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