Key Trends Shaping Future Marketing Strategies – Maximizing Your Online Channels

Key Trends Shaping Future Marketing Strategies – Maximizing Your Online Channels

“Due to decreasing sales growth, the pharmaceutical industry as a whole has seen a steady decline in consumer marketing budgets. At the same time, it has experienced an increase in both competition from generics and oversight by the FDA.

Mass media advertising has long been the cornerstone of brand-building in the US pharmaceutical market. However, in the current commercial and regulatory environment, brand managers are going to need to look for more targeted and creative solutions to both reach and retain potential patients.

In part 2 of a two-part series on sales and marketing to the pharmaceutical industry, this consultancy-style report provides an overview of the challenges facing pharmaceutical companies as they market their products in 2009 and beyond. Opportunities for growth and innovation are discussed in the context of the evolving economic and political climate.

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– Changing marketing models
– Analysis of the consumers – financial considerations, brand name vs generics
– Smart marketing strategies
– Future outlook

Key Reasons to Purchase

– CBR Pharma Insights identifies and highlights the key challenges currently facing the pharmaceutical industry with regard to marketing to your potential patient population
– Gain insights into today’s patients behavior by accessing analysis of CBR Pharma Insights’ proprietary consumer marketing survey
– Understand better how the current marketing model is changing and what opportunities are available for future strategies
– Gain access to CBR Pharma Insights’ analysis on how much financial considerations are impacting patients filling their prescriptions, as well as whether or not they prefer generics over branded products
– Gain a better understand as to how your potential patients respond to the more innovative ways available to reach out to them, such as email, text messaging, sponsored ads, etc.
– Benefit from our key...

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