Kuddler Fine Foods Problem Statement

Kuddler Fine Foods Problem Statement

The first issue within Kudler Fine Foods is the linear upper level management within the organization. This is a significant issue that is Kathy Kudler wears many hats that she doesn’t have anyone in place to share of take over these responsibilities if she were unavailable due to vacationing, medical issues, etc. The nature of her business forces her to order each week for the locations to ensure that they have sufficient stock for her customers. The ordering process takes her so much time that she has little time to interact with her customers. If she were to be away from the business for any appreciable amount of time, there is no one with the know how to accommodate the ordering.

Another of her issues is that she is attempting to increase the overall catering business. The level of business that is generated is typically handled by her singularly. One of the goals is that the organization will print out ten thousand color handouts for their present customers and place them with purchases. This could significantly impact the business, keeping her further out of the picture in order to facilitate her daily duties.

The resolution to KFF’s issues could potentially be solved in many different ways. The one’s that I find most problematic have to do with the owner being pulled in many directions at once. If Kathy trains an employee to focus on handling orders as a primary responsibility, she could take time to vacation and enjoy the fruits of her labors. This could benefit the employee by having the chance to be more indispensible in the organization while also being able to strengthen their knowledge within the grocer industry and potentially lead to significant position and payment increases.

The catering business could be resolved by having another employee also be trained by her to gain knowledge of the catering industry. With the potential increase to business by her mass marketing campaign, she could increase overall profit in this...

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