Life Without a Father

Life Without a Father

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Life without a father

Oh! Oh! Oh! Now that’s our winner today at Long Beach surfers’ competition Ben Tovar!!!! by following

Second place Nick Alvarado and third Kevin Goicochea.

“Wow! Dude great job you’re the beast” Juan said “HEY! Ya’ll wanna get pizza tonight it’s on me.”

Angel added.

Yeah! It’s my life in my own words I guess! It maybe just an ordinary life for some of ya’ll but this is

based on a true story. This is it I’m a kid who grew up without a father and a mother who gambles all her

money and comes home late night drunk. I’m 17 years old and I go to north high school. I’m a surfer and

want to be a professional surfer. I have to work to provide my sister food and pay the rent for the trailer

park. Damn! I hate this life sometimes I just want to suicide but why not because if I do who would take

care of my little sister. Surfing is the only thing that I do to make myself get out from stress, that’s how I

make new friends and that’s the only I have fun. My dad left me when I was five I don’t really know

where he went but I’m pretty sure that I never saw him again. My mom says that he was a good man

until he’s friends made him do drugs and he who got addicted just used every cent to buy them nasty

shit. When he got fired from his job, mom was the only one who was working till she got fired for being

an alcoholic after my dad left. Since then the life was hard we barely had anything to eat had to pay like

two months of trailer rent and my mom didn’t find a job. After a while she gave up and since we knew

the trailer owner we had some extra days left. Then I thought that If it goes like this we gonna end up in

the streets so then I finally found a job for less than the minimum wage; six dollars was all I got paid for

an hour, but what could I do I was little I was working as an underage still I am. Till I’m 18 I wouldn’t

get paid the minimum wage. It’s a pretty good job...

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