Management Planning and Ethics Paper

Management Planning and Ethics Paper

Tamika N. Dunn

Management Planning and Ethics Paper

Mgt 330: Theory, Practice and Application

November 18, 2008


Within many organizations you may see that some things just aren’t the best that they

should be. In planning, management should really take into perspective that there are many

factors that come along with the job. For the record, management should be aware of all the legal

issues, ethics and corporate social responsibilities that may affect the planning in the

organization. All these factors are important and should be taken very seriously because of their

importance in the world. In this paper I plan to enlighten you on just how these factors play a

part in my job at the Medical Faculty Associates.

Legal Issues

Legal issues trouble every organization in some way. With out a serious justification and

reason for giving the type of care and/or medical attention that is needed if not handled correctly

it could end up being a lawsuit waiting to happen. If we continue to involve, legal, ethical, and

responsible decisions into the planning of our future, I’m sure that the Medical Faculty

Associates will find much success. The knowledge and experiences that I have gained over the

past three years has taught me that when I get into the management, I must be fair to each of the

situations arisen, both ethically and legally. I along with others in my organization our goal is to

work toward establishing the best care possible so that we can make sure to minimize or

eliminate any potential legal issues. Legal responsibilities are to obey local, state, federal, and

relevant international laws. At the Medical Faculty Associates the main objective is to make sure

the law is taken seriously. Due to HIPAA law, we have to be very careful when checking our

patients in as well as when we are speaking to them. We are never to leave any detailed

information for our patients unless we...

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