Marijuana or Ganja

Marijuana or Ganja

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* Marijuana or ganja: the flowering tops of female plants,[7] from less than 1% THC to 22% THC; the wide range is probably one of the reasons for the conflicting results from different studies.

Psychoactive potency by cannabis plant part is approximately as follows (descending order):[8]

1. Trichomes
2. Female flowering buds
3. Male flowering buds
4. New shoots
5. Leaves from flower buds
6. Leaves in ascending order of size
7. Stems of leaves (petioles) in ascending order of size
8. Stems in ascending order of size
9. Roots and seeds


* Hashish (pressed keif) or charas: a concentrated resin composed of heated glandular trichomes that have been physically extracted,[9] usually by rubbing, sifting, or with ice.

(1) The sticky resin saturated bits of plant before pressed into hashish.
(2) Moroccan hashish produced in the Rif mountains;[10]
(3) sifted cannabis trichomes consisting of only the glandular "heads" (often incorrectly referred to as "crystals" or "pollen");
(4) the crystal (trichomes) left at the bottom of a grinder after grinding marijuana, then smoked.

Hash oil
Golden cannabis oil (hash oil) on a card

Main article: Honey oil

For example, an ethanol extract of cannabis that has had the ethanol evaporated from it, to leave hash oil.

Methods of consumption
Lifetime adult cannabis use by country (in the European Union).

Main article: Cannabis consumption

Cannabis is consumed in myriad ways, most of which either involve inhaling smoke from ignited plant or administering orally.

Various devices exist for smoking, most common are implements such as bongs, chillums and smoking pipes, joints or blunts. Local methods differ by the preparation of the cannabis plant before use, the parts of the cannabis plant which are used, and the treatment of the smoke before inhalation.

Vaporizer heats herbal cannabis to 365–410 °F (185–210 °C), which...

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