Marketing Strategies of Domino's Pizza Delivery Service

Marketing Strategies of Domino's Pizza Delivery Service

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Faculty of Business and Information Technology

Programme: Bachelor of Applied Business Studies
A report on marketing Strategies of Domino’s pizza delivery service


Topic page no.
Executive Summary -------------------------------------------------- 4.
Introduction ------------------------------------------------------------ 5.
Service and products details---------------------------------------- 5.
The opportunity and gap -------------------------------------------- 6.
The flowchart and the service description------------------------8.
7P analysis method (current) --------------------------------------- 10.
The revised service delivery process ------------------------------ 14.
Service GAP analysis for the future---------------------------------18.
7P analysis method (new)-------------------------------------------- 21.
Resource requirement-people, money, time -------------------- 24.
Conclusion ---------------------------------------------------------------- 26.
Reference ----------------------------------------------------------------- 27.

Flowchart 1--------------------------------------------------------------- 8.
Flowchart 2--------------------------------------------------------------- 16.

Executive Summary
Our report talks about the marketing Strategies of Domino’s pizza delivery service; we focus on the current product and service. Paying attention on the marketing gap and opportunities of the company. Indentifying some solutions for the company.
In the first part, we explain what are the Domino’s marketing position and their current target market, the details of their products and service. Also how the service are provided. After analysis, we find out the gap and opportunities for the company. And using the 7P analysis method explains the current service’s condition.
The second part,...

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