Memo to Digifast

Memo to Digifast



To: Alexander, Charlotte

Re: Providing food for Employees

The employees are dedicated and they enjoy their work at DigiFast. With the help of the employees, I would like to offer a suggestion of opening a food stand or a snack shop on the third floor. Granted there is a break room for DigiFast employees but unfortunately it is located on the first floor. In this case, employees must travel from the third floor to the first for any refreshments or snacks. I believe this a good way to boost employee morale and to increase work productivity. In addition to offering a closer setting for the employees to enjoy their break, the shop would be open to the public. Just imagine, individuals who are in the building waiting for a loved one or a friend who is visiting the dentist, or a lawyer wants a casual meeting with his client, or the employees at the insurance company need a get away, all of them could enjoy this idea. Not only would it boost companionship between the companies, it would also offer a profitable cash flow for our company. Within the first year, assuming the flow of traffic remains about the same, we can estimate that our company would be seeing a considerable profit. With this profit, we would be able to expand our business, hire on more employees, and perhaps one day open a second branch. With these funds we could also reach out to the community and donate a portion of the sales to charities. We then could have other affiliates offer something at this stand. This too would increase our revenue. We aren't trying to make profitability our main focus, but it is a bonus. Our main goal is to make our employees happy and to unite with our neighbor companies.


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