Daycare Services at Digifast

Daycare Services at Digifast

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Persuasive Memo

C & S Daycare Services

Date: August 8, 2009
To: Mark Jackson, Manager
From: Christopher Sinkler, Project Coordinator
Subject: Daycare Services/Needed

Hi Mr. Jackson. This memo is to provide you with important information to let you know how beneficial our daycare services will be to DigiFast. We at C & S Daycare are extremely ecstatic to present our services to you, and the rest of the committee.

What will our services will provide?

Our services will provide quality, affordable daycare services. Now, our services are targeted to the working employees of DigiFast. We aim to offer the employees daycare to their children that will be not only affordable, but convenient. C & S Daycare Services will provide day sessions for the kids to focus on reading, and early math facts. We aim to prepare the kids that are entrusted to us, an early pre-education.

Why do DigiFast need our services?

Why do DigiFast need our services. The way we see it, daycare expenses are on the rise. And we provided our service for a reduces rate, to the employees. Another reason that our services will be helpful, is that, we screen our workers, and teachers. Our purpose, is that every worker, is qualified to the maximum potential. Thereby assuring the parents that their children are in capable hands. This will put the parents mind at ease, and make for an easy, an relaxed atmosphere, where the employees are effective in their prospective jobs at DigiFast.

Again, I look forward to the upcoming presentation of C & S Daycare Service. I believe that you and the rest of the committee will be impressed with the services that we will be offering, and will want to incorporate of service into DigiFast. Thank you for your time.

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