My Collage

My Collage

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“I don’t wanna be told to grow up, And I’m not gonna change. I just wanna have fun.” –Simple plan. This quote represents me completely. I’m not ready to grow up and be a loser. I’m just going to “live fast and die fun.”- Travis Baker. This essay is about me and the things that I love and like.

There is 2 of my favorite bands in the collage. Blink 182 and Amuse. Amuse is a pop-punk band from Boswell, Indiana. They have been together since 2001. Blink 182 is your typical pop-punk music or as they would like to call grilled cheese sandwich punk rock.

I love moustache’s there very cute. That’s why the picture has a very cute moustache. The picture also includes my favorites including 3 clothing company’s Hurley, Krew, And Famous Stars and Straps. It also includes my favorite car company Cadillac. There is also 3 silhouettes a dancer, a dog walker, and a skateboarder. These are things that I like to do on my free time.

My collage has many of my friends and not friends. The biggest picture is of Kristin Kline, that girl is amazing. We’ve been close friends for almost a year now and I owe my life to her. She’s my best friend and always will be. To the right of her is my other best friend Josh Cichowicz since 2005 he is the only person you will ever meet that has gotten there last name tattooed to there back and didn’t realize till the next day that it was spelled wrong. From running each other over to skipping school together we are the closest friends you’ll ever meet.

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