Observation: Day Labor Site

Observation: Day Labor Site

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Observation of a Day Labor Site

Tamiko Hall

Colorado Christian University

Observation of a Day Labor Site

The focus of this observation paper was to observe the new City of Garland day labor site.

This site opened on Saturday February first 2013. We visited this site on April 3rd 2013 at

approximately 8:15 a.m. until around 9:45 a.m. Our goal was to talk with the key people

involved in the day labor project. We inquired about this programs working status. Is this

program benefiting the people who come here looking for work? We choose this site because of

the interest in immigration by the U.S. and how do these immigrants find work in the United

States. Our goal is to find out how this pilot program is working, how it is run and has it been

successful so far.

The area that this day labor site is in was not what we expected. It is in the East Central area

of Garland. When driving East on Bell road and turning South on 25th street you pass an area

with chain linked fence. We were expecting a building with parking, offices with a lobby area for

the workers to sit, indoor restrooms and air conditioning. To our surprise there were no buildings

only picnic benches with green tarps above them. Portable outhouses were provided but no

misting systems to keep the workers cool during the Texas summer heat. There was no formal

office, just a notebook and containers with lottery tickets in them for the workers to register in. A

circular driveway served as a pickup area. Yet these men organized themselves with a system

that was working and would find a way to entertain themselves by playing the guitar and visiting

among themselves. They provided coffee, water and snacks by way of donations that each

worker would put into a container on a volunteer basis. Day labor hours are Monday thru

Saturday from 5:00 a.m. until around 2:00 p.m. The busier months are April until around...

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