Observation on Salt Water

Observation on Salt Water

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My hypothesis is that the salt water freezes faster. I think the salt water freezes faster because the salt comes together and makes it freeze faster.

For my science fair project I am going to do which water freezes faster cold, salt or, boiled water.

Sodium (Na)
Sodium is a very commonly used element. It also has very many forms. Sodium chloride (NaCl) is very commonly known. It is known as salt. Sodium can be combined with potassium and turned into a cleaning agent. Sodium salt and fatty acids can be combined to make soaps as well. Sodium can be used as a cooling agent in nuclear reactors. Sodium fluorine is used in antiseptics. If we didn’t have sodium, we would all be dead. Salt is a very important substance our bodies need. Many discoveries may not have been discovered, for it cools down nuclear reactors. Our houses may be very dirty because it helps to clean.

Quick Facts
Atomic number: 11
Atomic mass: 22.98977 amu
Melting point: 97.72 °C
Number of neutrons: 12
Number of protons: 11
Number of electrons: 11

Sodium is a very important element. It was founded in 1807 by Sir Humphrey Davy in England. Sodium has many amazing properties such as:

• The ability to react with water (explodes)
• Its melting point is 370.95 K (97.80°C or 208.04°F)
• Its boiling point is 1156 K (883°C or 1621°F)
• It has a density of 0.97 g
• Solid at room temperature

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