Obtaining Master's in Business Administration

Obtaining Master's in Business Administration

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Obtaining a Master’s in Business Administration
Mark Borne
Management 521
July 29, 2010
Dr. Paul Spring

Deciding to pursue a master’s in business administration (MBA) has proved to be a rather complex decision that I have struggled with for the last 12 months. Achieving an MBA is a very challenging feat that will require tremendous sacrifice. Aside from financial and emotional burdens, time management will likely present one of the biggest challenges. This paper will construct and support an argument on my decision to pursue an MBA while considering the Jungian Personality self-assessment on how others perceive me.

Obtaining a Masters in Business Administration

The decision to pursue an MBA was first visited while attending undergrad at Louisiana State University. I have always thought I had the mindset for business but disregarded the idea and started undergrad in the engineering college. After attending for a few years, I was still a little confused about my career path but thought it was a little late to switch majors. At that time I began considering the idea to pursue a master’s in business administration. The year prior to graduation, I grew tired of the college lifestyle. I was ready to get away from the party atmosphere and stresses of school so I pushed the idea of an MBA to the back burner. After finishing undergrad, I took a job as a sales representative of a coatings company. Since graduating 18 months ago, life in general has become rather hectic. In addition to the stresses of the working world, balancing my social life has also proved to be rather difficult. Shortly after entering the working world, I realized the importance of an MBA. It was then that I revisited the idea of going back to school. Despite understanding the importance of an MBA, I frequently made excuses for myself. Some of the most common were; not now, I have too much going on with work or work should slow down in a few months, so I...

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