Operations Management of a Supermarket Store in Southern India

Operations Management of a Supermarket Store in Southern India

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Table of Contents

S.no Description Page No.

01. Introduction 08

02. Supply Chain Management 08

03. Procurement & Distribution 09

04. Logistics Management 10

05. Inventory Management 11

06. Supplier Relationship 12

07. Conclusion 13

08. Bibliography 14

I have built this assignment on the assumption that the retailer in question is a supermarket store in the lines of Foodworld which operates in more than 89 stores in southern India.


With the global economic meltdown, decreasing consumer confidence, shrinking margin, decreasing sales and increasing costs, many retail companies have been forced to look-out for options to justify their survival over the longer run. Many companies hit by higher variable cost because of their inefficient cost control strategies are virtually finding it very difficult to sustain in the current market scenario and sooner or later they might be forced to either close down their operations or even look-out for prospective buyers for their firm. In this current situation only those companies can sustain who have an efficient cost control strategy well supported by an efficient supply chain management system. An efficient supply chain management system not only helps the firms in cutting down the costs substantially, but also helps in providing a boost to both top and bottom line growth of the company.

Supply Chain Management is a process of movement of goods in the value chain so that it can be made available to the final consumer of the goods and at the lowest possible cost. The main objective of the SCM is to have the right products at the right place and at the right time. SCM aims at maximizing profits and enhancing customer satisfaction. An efficient supply chain management system ensures efficient utilization of resources and information. Following are the key to a successful supply chain...

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