Organ Outline

Organ Outline

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1. If you were handed the power to save someone's life, would you take it?

A. Whatyou might not realize is that you all have the power to save someone's life.
1. We all have valuable organd that we can donate after we die.

2. The world has a huge need for life saving organs.

B. Many people would still be alive today if they had recieved a life saving oragn.
1. I am going to discuss the huge need for organs.

2. There are many people who could use our organds.

3. We need to live, and then give.

2. Today , I am going to tell you how you can save plenty of lives.

A. I am going to discuss the major need of organs.

B. After that,I am going to tell you what organs can be trasnplanted.

C. Then, I am going to tell you how you can become an organ donator.

D. Finally, I am hoping that I will leave you with a new desire to think about being an organ donater.


1. Organd transplantation is one of the most remarkable sucess stroies in the history of medicine.

A. Tranplantation of organs is no longer considered experimental, but is accepted treatment od certain end stage diseases.

B. According to LifeGift, an ODC, the are approximately 20,000 organ transplants performed every year in the U.s/

2. The need for donated organs still continues to outpace the supply.

A. According to Peter MacPhersonin 1995, of the 37,609 people who needed an organ transplant, less than half recieved one.

1. LifeGift states that currently over 53,000 people are waiting for oragns in the U.s>

2. According to the Coalition on the Donation website(CODW), every 16 minutes another name is added to the waiting list.

B. In one of the Gannet News Services article, Elizabeth Nues said that in Iowa, the average wait for a kidney is 416 day.

3. With recent advances in medicine, just about anything can be transplanted to aeveryone.

A. The CODW states one donr can help more than...

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