Parenting Adoslecents

Parenting Adoslecents

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I am going to do my paper on adolescence .Adolescence is very important to me at moment because I have three children and right now one of them is going through it. Adolescence can only be defined by saying that it a transition from childhood to adulthood. Most people will say that their just coming out of adolescence, but is between the ages of 11 and 20. You will go thought puberty in your adolescence. At this stage in life you will not feel like a child or an adult.
Going in to my parenting style for adolescence I will cover all the ends and odd of the changes and challenge that come along with grown up with authoritative parents and grown up with a permissive parents. I will be covering the different their parenting style.
My two parenting style that I chose is Authoritative and Permissive. Authoritative parents can only be defining in so many words which in this case parents are more on the strict side. They also demand high mature behavior from their children. They do haves a high demand to want to reasoning with their children, but tend to show their children much love.
Permissive parents are more on the side where they want to be their child best friend. They tend to have poor communicating with their children but will let them kind of run wild. As result being the more of an easygoing parents who show less knowledge of their running wild adolescence or teenager. Its send a child to be out of control and more on the side of being often linked to delinquency and poor academic performance.

In adolescence with authoritative parents they will tend to get more support from their parents. They will also get a lot of love in a more demand type ways. It more a strict type love that want to show that they care, but it’s a right ways and a wrong ways to go about do thing and acting. I feel like with adolescence going though their stages like puberty. Around that stages in an adolescence life expertly in boys...

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