Peace Building

Peace Building

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Question 9
Was Susana right to ignore Evelyn’s prejudice for so long?
Susana was wrong to ignore Evelyn’s prejudice for so long because ignorance creates and exacerbates fears which in turn may lead to further accumulation misunderstandings and prejudice build up.

Question 10
What third side roles are being played in Maren and what roles still needs to be filled
The third side roles that are being played in Maren are:
Mike Green Mayor (The Provider)
Mike enables people to meet their needs by sharing resources and knowledge between the various community groups in Blue River. As well as giving a sense of sense of security by his determination to end the violence in Maren. In addition empowers other in other to get the most out the members of the different communities.
Susana Hayek (The Bridge Builder)
Susana’s role basically was to forge relationship across the lines of conflict. This was done by, putting together social projects such as a community garden and an affordable housing program. She hopes that providing for the basic needs of the community will help end the violence.
Stephen Pelle (Peace Keeper)
Stephen was able to interpose between parties b\despite the fact that some of his family members may be a part of the escalating conflict.
Emma Thornton (Teacher)
Emma was able to equip the various communities with skills to handle conflict by using a soccer league to build bridges between the rich Westerners and the poor locals.
Third Siders that are missing are
The Healer
The Equalizer
The Arbiter
The Mediator

Question 12
What are some ways of de-escalating a conflict?
Some ways to de-escalated a conflict are
1) Manage yourself.
a. This can be done by attending to your body language. Ensure it is open, relaxed, and non-threatening. Also, adjust your position to be at eye level with the other person or group.
2) Speak softly and slowly.
b. In doing so one must be factual and use “I messages” rather...

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