Problem Solving Plan: Identifying the Problems

Problem Solving Plan: Identifying the Problems

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When making a problem solving plan it is best toidentify all of the problems. In this case the issues are deciding which learning style is best tp help increase the students state test scores while providing a better learning experience for them. Another major issue is people not attending the meetings. With such a big main issue (test score) attendance is vital. After all the students and how to help them retain knowlegde are the most important things to consider. Without all members attending meetings there is no way to be as precise and effective. The following is a detailed plan on what will be implemented for future meetings. These following rules and activities will not be voted on by the group they are the set rules, no exceptions and full praticipation required.

The barriers to creativity and communication is different veiw points on how the students will be taught. While the new teachers are open to a more free thinking way of teaching and the more experienced teachers feel that a more strucred way of teaching is the best, they have been using these techniques for years why change now. Because of the way each teachers were taught to teach they feel that their way is best and they can't come to an agreement on how to teach thier students. Also with some teachers not attending the meetings, the other teachers are more inclined to make snide comments about said teacher than they would tell them what the meeting was about.

To stimulate creativity and communication an open floor policy will be implemented. Every person will be allowed time to discuss thier point of view and will not be interrupted or ridiculed for thier opinions. After each person speaks then the others are allowed to question that person to gain understanding. All views and opinions will be respected and written down to be voted on towards the end of the meeting. To destress everyone a Vital Check ice breaker will be set in place. This will allow the attendees a chance to clear...

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