Providing Image and Promoting the Product

Providing Image and Promoting the Product

Joji Iwasa

Advertisement analysis


October 20,2008
Providing Image

Advertising is a way of providing image and promoting the selling the

product,and so making image is very critical proces for the the company.They

usually not only use famous celebrities for promoting image of the product but also

make the image outstanding by using special effect or CG that helps to get people's

attentionA person viewing this advertisement might at first glance be convinced that an

well mannered office worker should buy a ACUO gum rather than some other

gum.After all, the Lotte company has a 50 years history itself and has brand

superiority and trustworthiness than some other gum product company. However, if

one look at the ad more carefully, one sees that there are numerous visual effects

and assumptions by which consumers blindly turns on the gum product

in the ad.The ACUO gum compels its viwer through the man with the stylish suits and

lipstikmarks on his face,by selling not just gum but also the feel of having advantage in

stylishness and sexualism.

This is an advertisement of gum prouct which contains lot more xylitols and

mints than usual gum and makes your breath fresh. In the ads,there's a man standing

beside a white wall in the back with holding Christmas present with his left hand and

gum the other and having some lipstikmarks on his face.Everything is white beside his tie

and lipstikmark and that makes the sense of stylish and refreshment.The guy is wearing

suits and tie and that makes even more stylish and lipstikmarks on his face makes the

image of masculine superiority than any other regular man.

The guy in the advertisement shows male masuculinity and sexual superiority

by putting lipstik marks on his cheek.This image reflets the cultural meassage that

men with stylish suits and man's cleanliness will have...

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